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‘At NutriDay we stand for excellence’

Made by Danone, NutriDay is South Africa’s favourite yoghurt, and is found in fridges and lunchboxes across the country. Our yoghurts are available in a variety of exciting flavours, and our range consists of both Smooth and Fruit variations, as well as Plain and Fat Free. Every spoonful is a creamy and delicious, convenient snack for kids and adults, with a wonderful fresh dairy flavour.

Danone is a global food company operating in more than 140 countries worldwide, with a pioneering history in the fresh dairy category. At NutriDay we stand for excellence, and we’re proud to be Number One in South Africa. This year, NutriDay won Product of the Year – in a survey of 5000 people by Nielsen, our fruit and smooth flavoured yoghurts were voted the BEST in the yoghurt category!

We care about the environment and about creating better world for future generations. As a way of investing in our youth and ensuring South Africa has a bright future, NutriDay has implemented a schools programme that has carried the message of good nutrition for a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy world to 4700 schools across the country.

About Yoghurt

Why choose yoghurt? Seven excellent reasons!

  • Whether you are trying to slim down, look after and strengthen your bones or simply indulge in something delicious, yoghurt could be the right choice for you.

  • It’s made from milk, which contains the nutritional goodness of protein, vitamins and minerals. Yoghurt is special because it also has active cultures that help promote a healthy digestive system.

  • It’s available in a wide variety of flavours and textures – which makes every mouthful a truly tasty experience!

  • For hundreds of years, because yoghurt contains live cultures, many have used it daily for its beneficial properties, and scientific studies now support many of these claims. The culture in yoghurt have valuable properties when consumed daily and can play an important role in achieving and maintaining good health.

  • NutriDay yoghurt is also great way to consume milk, especially for children! It’s a tasty and convenient snack which is suitable even for those who are lactose intolerant.

  • Proteins in regular yoghurt and other dairy products are recognized to be of great value. Not only are dairy proteins complete and fully absorbed by your body, they also provide essential amino acids that your body cannot produce itself and must obtain through food. One serving of regular yoghurt provides an average 4g of protein, representing 7 percent of recommended daily intake if you’re a man and 9 percent if you’re a woman.

  • Yoghurt is a convenient food staple that can be enjoyed in many different ways. It can be eaten as a snack, used when preparing dips, as an ingredient in soups, stews, sauces and curries, and to add delicious flavour to desserts… let your imagination run wild! Click here to see all our fabulous NutriDay recipes.

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