Time is fleeting, especially when you’re greeted by 50 emails at the office on a Monday morning. And as work pressure piles up during the week, you find yourself juggling many tasks in your multiple roles as a ‘Nine-to-Fiver’, a Mom and a homemaker, making it really tricky to find the time to exercise.

We at NutriDay understand, and because we support an active lifestyle, we’ve come up with some smart ideas for snatching a few moments at the office to give your body the regular exercise it deserves.

Take more steps

Every step you take contributes towards burning calories and firing up your metabolism. The average office worker takes 3 000 to 5 000 steps per day, which is way below the 10 000 steps recommended by medical professionals.

Aim to take more steps at work using these simple strategies:
  • Download a free step-counting or pedometer app on your phone that will allow you to keep track of the distance you cover every day.
  • Grab opportunities whenever you possibly can to take more steps: for example, climb a staircase instead of taking the lift.
  • Rather than guzzling snacks at your desk during lunch hour, take a brisk walk around the block.
  • Park some way away from your office, or get off the bus or taxi a few blocks early, then walk the remaining distance.
Stick to the 20-minute rule

Try to get up from your desk every 20 minutes or so. Sitting down in one position for extended periods won’t do your health any favours. Whether it’s to take a nice long stretch, or fill a water bottle, or collect something from the printer, it’s important to break the habit of staying immobile in your seat for hours on end.

Simple desk moves

A tea or lunch break is a good time to ‘steal’ minutes to exercise. Some ideas:
  • Keep a set of light dumbbells in your desk drawer, and sneak in a few arm exercises whenever you have a free moment.
  • Find a quiet room in which to do lunges, squats and planking exercises. While you’re on the phone, stand up and fit in as many calf raises as you can during the call.
  • Try some easy abdominal exercises in a seated position.
Keeping fit, active and healthy needn’t chew up too many hours a week, and you’ll soon notice an improvement in your general health and energy levels as you incorporate more exercise into your working day.

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